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When lost, I can always find back to myself in nature. At times, while roaming wilder lands, I feel like a deeper, truer, greater self is revealed to me. I sense a reality much more grand than the one we normally relate to in our everyday lives, and it leaves me in awe. This piece was made in an attempt to communicate an aspect of this experience, and was drawn in graphite on watercolour paper.


This print has a limited edition of 100, and arrives signed and numbered.


The artwork is printed on Somerset Enhanced Velvet 255gsm fine art paper, which is mould-made of 100% cotton with high archival standards. The texture beautifully mimics the watercolour paper I normally draw on, resulting in art prints which look close to the original.


This print is in stock, and will be carefully packed, wrapped and backed to arrive safely to you. 


Please note: I will be away until mid-July, and won't be able to send out any orders until then.

'Revelation' Print

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